Welcome to the Donegal Presbytery Wiki Space!

My aim in using this space is to promote more collaboration, dialogue and discussion in bringing the Presbytery of Donegal toward its God given potential. [The Presbytery of Donegal is a geographic entity in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. that encompasses the counties of Chester, Lancaster, and York Counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania. At this time (April 30, 2010), there are 58 churches and 2 new church developments in our midst, with 20,199 active members.]

We have plenty of talented Elders and Pastors who can help raise the bar of excellence in our work, witness, and mission in living as the church of Jesus Christ in 2010 and beyond. My prayer is that this wiki tool could be used to that end.

I first opened this wikispace on Dec 31, 2006. Modified it slightly 2 years later and look at this, I'm back in only a year and a half.

Written on Dec 31, 2006 by the Rev. Charlie Gross (and modified on Dec 19th 2008)

The very first question to the presbytery is this: What were the chief learnings from 2008? What should we remember to do more of, less of, or improve upon? How can we add much greater value to the pastors, elders, deacons, and churches in our midst?

We learned in 2006 about the importance in good solid worship to our presbytery meetings! When we spent quality time in worship, the presbytery meeting would go very smoothly. We also learned that we have lots to share with one another and can use our time to "raise the bar" in ministry by doing new types of presentations, workshops, seminars,etc.